24 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

We've clearly established that blogging is NOT dead.  Starting and maintaining a blog is a great marketing tool! 

Blogs educate your ideal target audience in order to build a community, become an authority, get visibility, and gain trust.  

In preparation for my Better Blogging Series in my Facebook group, I've rounded up some of my favorite reasons from around the Internet on why everyone should start a blog.

24 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

You will...

1. Become a better writer

2. Become a better storyteller

3. Become a better thinker

4. Live more intentionally

5. Develop an eye for meaningful things

6. Meet new people

7. Inspire others

8. Become more well-rounded

9. Grow in confidence

Reasons 1-9 are resourced from Becoming Minimalist's article, "15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog."

10. Go into production mode

11. Share ideas

12. Be creating your new resume

Reasons 10-12 are resourced from Forbes' article, "9 Reasons You Should Blog."

13. Give something back

14. Grow and develop

Reasons 13-14 are resourced from ProBlogger's article, "Start a Blog in 2018."

Your business will...

15. Benefit from the SEO boost

16. Get more visitors from social and referral traffic

17. Build authority and credibility

18. Have more opportunities for showcasing your brand's personality

19. Have fuel for social media content posts

Reasons 15-19 are resourced from ProBlogger's article, "Is Blogging Dead? Here's Why You Should Blog." 

Your brand will...

20. Have a clear style and voice

21. Have lots of opportunity to practice

22. Have a lot of flexibility and versatility when you repurpose evergreen content

23. Allow you to have complete control over the information you share with the world

24. Go wherever you go since you can transfer blog content with you 

Reasons 20-24 are my additions.

What do you think? Do you have a blog?
Are you a full-time blogger or just use blogging as a marketing tool?
I'd love to hear from you!