4 Reasons We All Need to Be Podcasting

Podcasting is nothing new.  So why in the world should you start a podcast now?  Why are we?

Most of Internet businesses run on text and copy (like this blog is doing right now).  People are constantly reading articles, updates, news feeds.  The reason why Instagram was a game-changer is because Instagram broke that cycle of constant reading.  That was a major paradigm shift in social media and Internet marketing: now visuals superseded text for information-gathering and processing.

While podcasting might not be the same level of success that visuals provide on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, podcast episodes create a dynamic that is in a different playing field altogether.

Here are a few reasons Skill Space wanted to start a podcast and why you should as well.

A Unique Sensory Connection

Podcasting is a great opportunity to connect with an audience.  And, it's a different way to connect.  For starters, we are relying on a completely different one of our senses none of the others rely on: auditory.  Videos utilize our auditory ability, but they are still primarily relying on visuals.

With podcasts, we are now plugged into listeners' brains in a different way.  Maybe, we are even their mindless background noise, but we're still tuned into their brains even if they are only catching a small percentage.

Audience Kinship

We've already briefly touched on how it's a different way to connect, but it's also a more personal way to connect.  Not unlike Instagram Stories or Facebook Live Video, podcasts provided a more personal connection between our audience and us.  We are in story-telling mode that includes all the auditory context that the written word (and static image) lacks.  Audio and video require the host to be at least somewhat entertaining, friendly, and personable-- something a blog post or 140 character Tweet doesn't need.  

Plus, there's something affirming about listening to another human.

A Natural Rhythm

Podcasting does not come without its required time-sucks: setting up a podcast, syncing the channels, recording each episode, editing the audio, uploading, and then promoting the episode, etc.  However, this can all be blocked scheduled and some of it can easily be outsourced.

But when talking about "a natural rhythm," I'm talking about why Gary Vaynerchuck will sometimes record podcast audio in his car.  It is so much easier to verbally explain a concept than to worry about how a block of text might be misinterpreted by the reader.  Most of us are naturally good conversationalists.  We have to be in order to be successful business owners.  

However, not as many people are good writers; good with marketing speech; understand sentence structure, spelling, and grammar; or know how to write at the correct reading level of the audience.  There really is a lot that goes into writing-- and even more that goes into business and blog writing.  But I guarantee you will find podcasting much less stressful... especially if you outsource the technical stuff.


What other platform allows us to connect with our favorite brand in the car while we are driving?  Where else can we learn about topics we care about while we are going for a run at 7am?  I do both of those things.  In fact, I don't even listen to music anymore.  And a lot of the more successful entrepreneurs will say the same thing.  Podcasts are a great way to learn while on the go.  Talk about productivity and using your time-wisely!  I even recently listened to an episode on just that topic.

What do you think? Do you think you might go start a podcast?