56 Marketing Tactics to Avoid + 11 Tactics to Add to Your Strategy

1. Time-Limited Offers

In 2015 and 2016, there was a lot of advocation for taking the "scarcity" approach when it came to open-and-close launches, webinars, programs, courses, etc.  In 2017, some changed their tune for a variety of reasons.  I'm advocating against it in terms of marketing and copywriting is because Facebook and social media algorithms penalized posts with time-limited words and phrases such as:

  • "Don't miss this opportunity!"

  • "Before time runs out!"

  • "For a limited time..."

  • "Urgent"

Of course, you can't always avoid these phrases-- especially if you are having a pop-up Facebook group. So the key is to use this tactic seldomly and strategically.

2. Money-Centered Phrases

Just like time-limited offers, algorithms also penalize for money-centered phrases:

  • "Free"

  • "Cheap"

  • "Discount"

  • "Bargain"

  • "Buy"

  • "In Stock"

Be strategic if you're using these phrases.  And if you're a retailer or someone that relies on selling products, you can absolutely promote your products while rarely using these words!  

3. Overused Phrases

Some marketing phrases are just so overused you're pretty much just getting eye-rolls instead of engaged eyeballs.  I know, I know, some of these phrases are gold because they are just such a great way to describe something "unique" that you are passionate about.  But you probably know what I'm going to say next: be strategic!

  • "Low hanging fruit"

  • "Game-changer"

  • "Built from the ground up"

  • "Leverage"

Let's move on to what marketing tactics you really need to be adding to your strategy.

1. Your visitors are drawn to the visuals

If you are a retailer and rely on people buying your products, you can sell, sell, sell without asking for buys and getting penalized.  You simply need to have outstanding visuals.  Social media posts that have great visual content do 90% better than those without.  

Promote the beautiful pictures of your products and use some of these post examples to get inspired:

  • Post #1: "I just created this ___. I used [insert materials] and I was inspired by _____."

  • Post #2: Show 2+ versions of your product and ask your audience which version/color/size/etc they prefer.

  • Post #3: Share more of why you were inspired to create one of your products.

  • Post #4: Share a customer testimonial of a post.

  • Post #5: Share an "in real life" image of your post (e.g. of the product being used or displayed).

That's five posts for one product.  And, remember, on social media you can re-post the same content more than once, as long as you are spreading them out and mixing it up appropriately.

2. Share your story

Your people want to know more about you.  This doesn't come easy for some people because we aren't all the energetic salesperson, but showing how relatable you are to your audience is so valuable.  

Share your story, show them that you've been where they are, and you have shared the same pain points as them and know how to get past them.  

Here are a few post ideas: 

  • Post #1: What got you started in your business?

  • Post #2: How long has it taken you to get to the point where you started making money?

  • Post #3: Share the worst piece of advice you've received.

  • Post #4: Share the best piece of advice you've received.

  • Post #5: What are you currently struggling with?

  • Post #6: How do you balance work-life balance?

  • Post #7: Where do you find inspiration?

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