Is Blogging Dead?

No! Blogging is NOT dead.

In fact, it's very much an almost irreplaceable strategy for your website to build authority and SEO juice, for your brand to establish relevance and trust, to help make your offerings more visible, and to help you keep that creative energy flowing.

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In the Facebook group this week, I am launching a 5-Day Better Blogging and Better Vlogging Series to help webpreneurs better use a blog or a vlog as a marketing strategy.

Watch this video now as I explain why blogging is NOT dead.


Why should you blog?

Here's the thing, at a minimum blogging is a great marketing tool!  It is a way of educating your ideal audience in order to build credibility.  You are also getting your name out there and can build a community around your blog.

Is blogging dying?

Using a blog as a marketing tool -- or a full-time job like Anna and Gabe Liesemeyer -- is not dead... but it is pivoting into something new.

Just like anything else in this fast-paced internet world, it's changing just as often as Facebook changes its algorithms.

Benefits of blogging

I like to talk about online growth-hacking methods in my Facebook group and with my students.  Growth hacking includes using a blog or any other medium to build your audience with the ultimate goal of creating long-term customers.

Having a blog helps you do this by:

  • Creating pin-worthy content, you will get pinned more frequently

  • Demonstrating your expertise

  • Improving your relationship with search engines like Google -- search engines love blog post

  • Helping you collect email addresses when you include calls-to-action

  • Keeping people on your website

  • Nurturing your audience or onboarding new visitors

  • Helping people get to know you and your niche better

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Why do you blog?
Why do you want to blog?