The difference between a Website Designer and Website Developer?

Do you need a website developer or do you need a website designer?

Back-end or front-end? (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

Don’t know? Don’t worry, here’s a quick summary:

The look of the website (front-end) is a website designer and the functioning of the website (back-end) is a website developer.

Front-end versus Back-end

Front-end (frontend, front end, etc) refers to the face of the website that a visitor interacts with.  It is the visual content: graphics, words, pictures, the navigation bar displayed, etc).

Back-end (backend, back end, etc) refers to the server, application, and “programming” involved in order to display all the visual content on the front-end.  This is where the database of everything is and this is where pictures like these come in:

Website Designer versus Website Developer

To keep things simple: developers typically deal more with the coding and the “back-end.”  Designers typically deal more with the visuals, front-end, and layout of a website. 

What do I do?

Some website people can do a bit of both (like myself) so you will see me sometimes flipping back-and-forth.  It’s been years since I’ve needed to do code from scratch so I am quite rusty at programming languages. But I can manipulate and work within website coding quite well or I can pick it up quickly. 

For labeling purposes, I technically fall into front-end website developer category as I primarily operate in HTML/CSS. Having had a lot of exposure to the backbone of websites and frameworks, I can do a lot of non-traditional work that typical website designers don’t always touch.  But my creative genius zone is the visionary side of the front-end website design.

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