WEBPRENEUR 101 is an excellent place to start for frameworks that will really help build a solid foundation when it comes to starting, scaling, and succeeding with your online business.

WEBPRENEUR 102 takes the foundational frameworks and starts adding important elements unique to the online business world: search engine optimization and online growth hacking using digital marketing methods like blogging, growing an email list, lead magnets, and more.


MARKETING section covers primarily general digital marketing strategy when it comes to social media platforms and incorporating those channels into your marketing plan.  Then I start diving into using and leveraging Facebook as a way to promote your online business. 

In the future, we will continue to build out the Facebook resources as well as start adding additional platforms like LinkedIn.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE is a course discussing ways to successfully incorporate technology into your business like a c-level boss.  I walk you through almost 30 different tools and programs, including ways you can use them to increase your productivity and effectiveness.  Along the way, there is a lot of tips on major important topics for your business including organization, visual content, client relationship management, communication, content planning, and more.


BONUS RESOURCES include worksheets, spreadsheets, planners and more so that you can download what you need to help you better visualize and organize yourself, your business, and your data.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS between myself and some fellow webpreneurs to provide even more insights into your own journey.


MENTORSHIP + $997/month with a 3 month minimum for optimal results.

Would you like additional one-on-one with me?  I will create a customized track with assignments and homework unique to you and your business.  I will help you scale your online strategy, presence, and visibility all while helping you build a crisis-proof foundation for your online business.

You get unlimited access to me, dedicated 1-2 hour coaching per week, and we both work together on your assignments as partners for your business.