Tools: Organization



Not sure about project management tools? This is a deep dive into looking at the freemium project manager tool of Asana. Whether you are looking at Asana or another PM tool, this video is a foundational video that you need to watch prior to moving on.

Download the PDF version of these lessons here.


Freedcamp and Trello

Although I love and swear by Asana, Asana is NOT for everyone. Freedcamp and Trello are some pretty amazing tools in my opinion. Here's a run-down through both of them.

Like I've said, this video and project management tools, in general, have a lot of the same features. So even if you don't use Asana, if you want to get a robust overview of PM tool capabilities, make sure you watch that video.

G Suite

I love using G suite to organize my files and help with my product planning, team collaboration docs, and trackers. Plus, Gmail and Google calendars are favorites of mine.


You may be like me and use Evernote as a great brain dump tool... but it can be so much more than that! It has a lot of potential to be a suite of programs all in one. Learn more in this last video for day 1.